Wednesday 19th September

Clare Knox-Bentham

When creating her work, Bentham's primary focus is on illustration and how it will form around the body. This creates an individual out

CLaire knox.jpg

Monday 17th September 2018

Day Project 1- Final Paper Garment

1. Front View






2. Back View



Monday 17th September 2018

Day Project 1 - Surroundings/ paper pattern cutting

1. chosen 3 shapes


1. First attempt at 3D object - too much negative shape, not challenging enough.





2. Followed the shapes natural lines -  lessened the negative space






Monday 17th September 2018

Day Project 1- surroundings 

1. Crane/ Scaffolding



2. Boat Book Shop




3. Canal Boat




4. Buildings


5. Stairs





Friday 14th September 2018

Issey Miyake - Pleats Please

"Design is not for philosophy, but for life!" 

Miyake embraces wholeheartedly his motto in his work, through the non-wrinkle, lightweight fabric that does not need to be dry cleaned. I like how easy natured and made for real use his clothing are; as often high end clothing is solely made for artistic Avant-garde purposes. His pleat work is very loose/free and forms to fit the body's shape and contour lines adding in definition to the silhouette. 

pleats 2.jpgpleats .jpg

Miyake's combination of colour, pattern and print is also very interesting and intricate, as the pleats blend within the pattern, as each shape and pleat are in harmony. However, I feel the monochrome large shaped print works better as the hard work put into the pleats can be seen more clearly than in the psychedelic multi-coloured look where pleats and patterns smudge together.

pleats 3.jpg

pleats 4.jpg

Friday 14th September 2018


1930 madeline vionnet.jpg.1

1930's Vintage Vionnet Look. The cinched waist helps to define the female body whilst the flowing skirt adds a dramatic flair. The cape gives visual strength and power to the shoulders through extra padding and structure emulating a mans shoulders which are normally larger than a woman's. To develop on these ideas further I can look at structure and where I want to expand or exaggerate angles on the body.


Image found:

F/W 18 The multi-coloured tulle adds much needed vibrancy to the muted neutral palette. The sheerness of the tulle allows for layering over the fitted trousers which creates a fuller look and the illusion of a complete dress. In this project I could experiment with the use of tulle, sheer materials and the technique of layering


The Pre-fall 2017 collection of Vionnet focuses on a simplistic, monochrome aesthetic. Although, minimalistic design is not my personal style choice, the clean lines and tailoring form fit well to the body, to create flattering looks. So in this project, I could focus on 

Thursday 13th September 2018

Primary Prototype Sculpture Photoshoot : intense, untraditional beauty shots and angles

1. 2 heads together to show unity in their identity.



2. Abstract depiction of a shorn woman



3. More realistic/ detailed.




Wednesday 12th September 2018

Ancient Greek Sculptures

greek busts.jpg

The Greek god Apollo. The strong facial features is the main aspect of the art piece that draws attention. also the detail in the hair and the different style of carvings that can be seen.

Inspired by the ancient Greek sculptures and fascination with nature and the human form. The sculptures depicted the ideal versions of the male and females of the Greek society thus by creating my own bust of a shorn woman’s head, I am expanding on what is considered ideal and the best version of how a woman should look, which is often ‘long flowing hair’. Furthermore, through the bust sculpture I aim to convey how strength, independency and being non-confirmative (all traits I link to a shorn head) are ideal character traits of a woman also.

Hair in History

Date: 14/09/18

url site:

Shaving a woman’s head in certain countries history’s, like France, was a punishment. Stripping the woman of her beauty and modesty. In France during WW2 known as the épuration sauvage, the wild purge which took the lives of 6,000 people. Those particularly targeted where the vulnerable women who were accused of sleeping with the enemy and as punishment their heads were shaved and they suffered abuse. However, the new movement of feminism and going against the norm ahs made way for a new perception of shaved heads.


Wednesday 12th September 2018

The Female Identity

“…The significance {of} …women whose language moves across gender-boundaries and into the abyss of the inexpressible.” Pg126 self/same/other

Women with shorn heads to me represent the “cross{ing} of “gender-boundaries” as they visually begin to represent femininity and masculinity. This is trait of masculinity in women is often looked down upon, yet for me the shaved head embodies all the varying ranges of femininity and womanhood; from beauty to strength. A bald head is seen as something dangerous, risky or serious, (thus it being the choice look of the army and many movements) a look that is not connected in any form to softness or sensuality as frequently many women hairstyles are.

They… pass beyond gender into the language of ineffability” pg126 self/same/other

The key word here is ineffability, as a shorn head on a woman visually and metaphorically encaptures a multitude of ideas, with people having varying reactions to it from viewing it as an “inexpressible” sign of rebellion from hair customs that correlated long covered hair to modesty, to viewing it as symbol of female power.  Heather Walton in her book Self/Same/Other also notes that the language of ineffability is spoken by women who seek to disengage from the norm and worldly institutions, the visual representation or act of this for me is when a women shaves or cuts her hair. Linking to the Hindu Mundan ceremony, the shaving process acts a physical removal on any limitations or negatives placed on the woman’s life as she enters into her brighter future.

Hadewijch coined this as “leaps into the fertile unknown” in the poem Mengeldichten 17, 93-108 the phrase “freed from their limits in silent latitude” stands out. For the physical act of shaving your hair requires no speech yet, the visual look itself is a protest. The unknown being “fertile” implies that the future for woman will be much greater than the current situation, this relate to the definitions of futurism and expand given in our group work, that the future will be an improvement of today. 

identities {are] marked by polorization…in the most extreme forms of national or ethnic conflict and by the marking of inclusion or exclusion – insiders and outsiders” ch.2 Identity and Difference

Having a shorn head as a woman clearly identifies you as an original someone “outside” the social norms.

Tuesday 11th September

Colours in Hinduism

Red – Symbolises sensuality and purity, the contrasting connotations of the colour also relates to the contrasting views people feel when looking at a female shorn head. It is a great colour of importance in the Hindu community and is consequently used for many personal and auspicious events such as marriage ceremonies.

Saffron- is associated with scared fire rituals and in turn is a symbol of intelligence. For Hindu’s believe that knowledge burns away any traces of ignorance and brings light. This relates to the term Futurism and how society often envisions a brighter future one where corrections have been made.

Orange- Is the colour that closely relates to your identity in society, as it symbolises connection, community and belonging. People often make drastic or bold visual changes such as hairstyle sor clothes in order to outwardly show who they are on the inside, personally I view shaved heads as an outward show of strength and defiance.

Pink- Is a colour associated with the lotus flower and its connotations.

Symbols in Hinduism

The Bindi Dot – known in Sanskrit as Bindu means creation linking to my reoccurring theme of creating a new female empowered future. The bindi is also a sign of purity and if its red in colour it is seen as a sign of true and prosperity. It also has spiritual relevance as it is a reminder of their devotion and dedication. However, the bindi itself has now become a well-loved accessory with its significance and meaning becoming more diluted as it is now worn commonly seen as simply fashionable.

Sri Yantra- Is a geometrical Hindu symbol used for worship and meditation that is empowered by their Deity’s. The Yantra represents cosmo-genic development, essentially the creation of the universe and in my work the geometric design is used to represent the recreation of femininity. The Yantra can also represent the balance or coming together of femininity and masculinity through the interconnecting nine triangles, as five triangle pointing down represent Shakti (females), whilst the four male triangles pointing upwards represent Shiva.

Lotus Flower- The Hindu gods favourite flower. Has a place in many Hindu rituals as well being connected to depictions of deities and leaders, such as the Goddess of Education Saraswati is shown sitting on a lotus flower. The lotus flower symbolises: beauty, femininity, fertility and prosperity.

These symbols will be used throughout my patterns, but a simplified version with the bindi shown through red dots and the Yantras shown in a simplified linear manner. The lotus flowers adds a visual touch of softness in order to enhance the contrast. The pattern created will be cover the shorn area of the head, to convey visual some of the meaning that I attach to the look.

Tuesday 11th September 2018

Primary Photography of Bald Women: Focusing on texture and angles







Monday 10th September 2018

Hindu Culture:

The Mundan Ceremony

In Hinduism a babies head is shaved for the first time in order to remove traces of the past life, as Hindu's commonly believe that the hair can contain unwanted segments of a past life/history. so the act of shaving the head is a form of spiritual cleansing, preparing for new life and letting go of the past. The ceremony is one of the sixteen Sanskars that must be carried out in a persons life as directed by the Vedas ( old Indian scriptures), as after passing through 84 Lakh Yonis, each life or being leaves a trace of themselves behind with the baby. Hinduism also correlates a strong connection between hair removal and early intelligence, as the first shave stimulates mental growth. 


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This Picture shows the loss of hair and the pile creates a symbol of the discarded past. The Vibrant reds and golds of the Sari connote passion, blood which relates to new life/sacrife.

Date Found: 10/09/18

Date published: 21/05/14

Found URL Site:

Author: Sanchita Chowdhury

mundan by martin broeze.jpg.1

Example of a traditional Mundan Ceremony. The candle and flame are a part of the ceremony and reflect the idea of change and transformation.

Date Found: 10/09/18

Photographer/Owner: Martin Broeze

Title: Mundan Sanskar

Found URL Site:

mundan by martin broeze.jpg.2

 Date Found: 10/09/18

Photographer/Owner: Martin Broeze

Title: Mundan Sanskar

Found URL Site:


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